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JULY, 1996

On-Line English Grammar

Everything you want to know about the English Language -- for students and teachers.

This is a nice site with fast-loading graphics that quickly orient users to the site.

This site has a clear structure and hierarchy of pages. A navigational bar at the top will help you find your way around.

The Home Page links the user to a Subject Index and a Table of Contents, either will send you on your way. From the Subject page, you can jump to the grammar topic of your choice -- from "active/passive equivalents" to "verbs followed by noun + infinitive" -- and plenty more in between. Thoughtful explanations emerge when the user clicks on the hyperlink. There is also a free Test Center that requires registration and contains over 40 different interactive tests. Users can ask questions of the Grammar Guru or Vocab Val and view the answers on the site. This is a very thorough site which deserves a visit and a bookmark.