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JULY, 1996

Landmarks for Schools

This site contains link farms for high-quality education resources on a wide subject base, from environment to language, geography, government.

This site is simply yet effectively designed with small, colorful graphics.

Bullets guide you to the major areas of the sites, or try the CyberSchool House with more links from "3D" image maps. Fun but a little disorienting.

There are many great areas here, "...these resources range from full text archives of historic documents, to instructional email projects, to convenient access to the latest in educational research..." I found most of the links were to government and university resources, which is where the lion's share of the internet knowledge base is (in my opinion). There is also a project area, with an interesting project for math teachers called "Global Grocery List". Links to other projects around the internet are also listed here. In general, this is a great site (not too overwhelming) to introduce users to the internet and its education resources.