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S I T E     R E V I E W
JULY, 1996

Houghton Mifflin's Education Place

This is a great place for all teachers and parents to take children (and themselves) to for links, projects, games for all subject areas.

The graphics on this site are bright and attractive to keep children's interest, but they are fairly large and take time to come up.

Very well-organized site, by subject area, very easy for even a child to navigate.

The Education Center has three subject categories, the Math Center, Reading/Language Arts Center, and the Social Studies Center. Each subject area has something educational and entertaining for kids. For example, the Social Studies Center has "GeoNet", a geography game based on regions of the US. The Math Center has Brain Teasers, the Reading Center has "Wacky Tales". Each area also has "Project Watch" where teachers can search out projects with other teachers across the world. There is also an Activity Search, which includes fairly detailed lesson plans for fun and educational classroom activities. Each area also has links to related sites, and they are some of the most impressive content sites around. In addition, there is a Kid's Summer Club House, where kids can enter contests and win prizes by reading books and doing brain teasers. Many sites now-a-days create education centers like this, but this is certainly top-notch and worth a visit for all.