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Teach With Movies
Grade Level: Parent/Teacher

Teach With Movies is a well-thought-out guide to using mainstream movies as a teaching tool. The site provides Learning Guides and Lesson Plans to accompany more than 300 recommended films.

The backgrounds are yellow, and a variety of text colors are used.

Navigation links are on the main index page. A link back to that page is at the bottom of each of the other pages. To find film titles, browse by subject or use the search feature.

The Teach with Movies site was put together to help parents find "historically accurate and culturally significant" films for children. The site provides learning guides that give an overview of each film, the positive aspects of the story, appropriate age levels, and so on. The guides also encourage parents to engage their children in discussions about the important concepts of the movie. The idea is to stimulate children's critical thinking about the film and create stronger family bonds through deeper conversations. Teachers also are encouraged to use the site to find films that support their curriculums. The site includes learning guides and lesson plans for a wide variety of films, modern and classic, and new material is added on a regular basis, so keep checking back.

Note: Although the site does provide access to several sample films, membership is now required to access most of the resources available at Teach With Movies. Membership is $11.99/year.