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S I T E     R E V I E W
June, 1999

Short Courses in Digital Photography
Grade Level: Professional

Interested in using digital cameras in your classroom? Short Courses in Digital Photography will teach you everything you need to know on the subject. The site offers instruction on using, choosing, and getting the most out of digital cameras.

The layout looks professional, and the site includes plenty of examples of digital photography.

The tops of the pages have a row of navigation links to guide the user back to the section headings and the site map. Each page has an index below the navigation links.

Digital images have numerous uses in the technology-friendly classroom. From artistic bulletin boards and Christmas cards to Web pages and yearbooks, a creative teacher can find plenty of uses for the images produced by a handy digital camera. The Short Courses site will give you all of the how-to's about getting started. The site is divided into several "books," which are then divided into "chapters." Book 1, the main meat of the site, gives a good overview of the basics of using and understanding the functions of a digital camera. Book 2 provides information to help you choose the best digital camera for your purposes. The site also features a Community Center, which includes a gallery, chat rooms, forums, and more. The Teachers Center is an area for those who want to teach digital photography at the high-school or college level. This is a very useful site!