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S I T E     R E V I E W
June, 1999
Updated JUNE, 2007

Science Spot
Grade Level: 6-8

The Science Spot is a great place to go for fresh ideas on teaching middle-school science. Master middle-school teacher Mrs. Tracy Trimpe has posted her best science teaching tips onto this helpful site. Included are ideas for experiments, lessons, science club stuff, a cool Nature Center, and lots more!

The layout is simple, and the site is easy to read. The few graphics are colorful and effective.

Each page has a set of navigation links at the top to help you around the site.

Hats off to Mrs. Trimpe for sharing some really great ideas with the world. Her inspiration and love of teaching shines through in the fun, creative style of her lessons and activities. Many of the ideas on the site include a much larger community than just the classroom. For instance, on the Nature Center page, local gardeners and high-school industrial arts students are invited to help build important structures for an impressive nature center in the schoolyard. Daily science trivia question winners are honored in the morning announcements for the whole school. In an engineering project for the science club, students construct shipping containers for raw eggs from limited materials. They then mail the eggs to classrooms in other schools. If you're interested in having the science classroom that the kids hang out in at recess, then be sure to visit The Science Spot!