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June, 1998
Updated JUNE, 2007

Yuckiest Site on the Internet
GRADE LEVEL: 9-12 & Professionals

The site teaches students about science, anatomy, zoology, and other subjects by focusing on the "gross" aspects of the disciplines to get their attention.

The site uses lots of graphics, colors, and animations. Older viewers may find the site chaotic (sections just for adults are simpler), but the younger audience will love it.

Each page of the site has the same navigation menu at the left. Users can connect to every section of the site. Most of the subject pages follow a "flow" pattern and link to other related sections of the site. Users are guided through the site by an animated worm, and his human sidekick.

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet has used children's interest in gross things to create an educational, yet fun, Web site. Users will learn about entomology, earth science, and human biology using roaches, earthworms, and some of the less polite functions of the human body. The site features teaching units (for grades K-2 and 3-8) coordinated with the science information at the site. The units are designed to align with national standards and work with most curriculum scope and sequence charts. The sections of the site are: "Worm World," "Wendell's Yucky Bug World," "Ask Wendell" (answers to user questions), and "Yucky E-Cards" (electronic "greeting cards" with a slant toward gross). Students will love the subject matter and design. Educators will love the fact that the hardest part of teaching is already done here -- the kids are interested!