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S I T E     R E V I E W
June, 1998

GRADE LEVEL: Professionals

Puzzlemaker™ is a Web site that allows users to generate crossword, word search and maze puzzles online, to print out for offline use.

The background is a watermark crossword puzzle. Most of the text is small and narrowly spaced. Most of the puzzle sections are forms.

Viewers must use their back buttons to navigate within the site. The puzzle sections require users to fill out submission forms.

Puzzlemaker™ works by using two computers. The first computer houses the set-up forms that create the puzzles. A second computer handles the input data which allows puzzles to be created fairly quickly. Viewers will find computer-generated mazes, word searches, hidden message word searches, criss-cross puzzles, number blocks, math squares, double puzzles, cryptograms, letter tiles and fallen phrases. A new addition to the site, posted every Sunday, is Tesseract's Mazes, which are hand-drawn mazes. The site is easy to learn and use. This is a great resource for educators looking for activities and games to enhance lesson plans.