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S I T E     R E V I E W
June, 1998

Endangered Animals of the World

This is a joint project between a class in the Netherlands and one in Indiana, USA. The site was designed to explore why so many animals are in danger of becoming extinct and how those extinctions might affect the natural balance of the environment.

The site uses frames in its layout. Most pages use large text, suitable for young audiences. Some photos of animals are available at the site.

The site is available in English and Dutch. An index of all the information at the site is located under the section titled "Pages." Users can use the menu in the left frame or the one at the top of the page. Users select the animals section, choose a region, and then choose an information page for a particular animal.

This project was started in August 1997 and will continue through the 1998-99 school year. More than 70 K-12 schools are involved in researching endangered animals. Schools are required to select and research an endangered animal from their region and post their report on the Web site. The site stresses the technology and teamwork involved in creating the project as well as the endangered animal information. This site will provide teachers with resources to be incorporated into math, geography, science, language arts, and other subject areas. A great deal of work went into this site - a great resource for educators!