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JUNE, 1997


United Nations Cyber Schoolbus

Information, resources and events centered around the activities of the United Nations. This site is designed for use in education.

Somewhat dark background with minimal graphics on the homepage. Subsequent pages are easy to read and structured well.

Easy to locate menu buttons appear on each page to allow the user to navigate the site. The name of the section appears at the top each page so the user can tell where in the website they currently are.

This site is more than a discussion of the workings of the United Nations, it is geared toward education. Offered here are curriculum materials in the form of projects such as "Fighting Disease" which focuses on infectious diseases and could be used by health, science, social studies, global studies and environmental studies teachers; "Cities Curriculum" which discusses urban life and could be used for geography, social studies, history, global studies, environmental studies, government and civics, current affairs or economics lessons, and other projects. The site also offers kits on the United Nations. Each kit listed also provides suggested subject uses and grade levels. The website has links to interactive games, short-term projects and activities and a virtual tour of the United Nations. A lot of the work that goes into planning lessons has been done here for teachers and would make an excellent resource for classroom ideas.