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S I T E     R E V I E W
JUNE, 1997


Nye Labs Online

This is Bill Nye, The Science Guy's website. The site basically follows the concept of the television show, that "science is cool", and uses the latest technology on the internet.

The site has a lot of images of Bill Nye throughout and uses color, spacing and graphics in its presentations. The user is offered a text version option as well.

The user can navigate fairly easily because of the large graphic buttons and pulldown menus that draw attention to options at the site. The different areas of the site are clearly marked and multimedia items grouped together.

What could a television hit show offer at a website? Video clips, sound bites, photos and an episode guide. It's all here BUT so are home demonstrations, "Did You Know?" type information, topically related facts and reference books on a variety of science subjects. In fact, the episode guide section is divided into science disciplines and then those are divided further into topics so that the user can find information on a specific area of science easily. The results are presented as an almost "mini-lesson" in science. Also, at the site is a mockup newspaper with theme "news" stories with science-related information. The website even offers an easy-reference guide with addresses to order things from the show including Teacher Guides and a free Lab Book. This is an excellent interactive tool for science teachers and will probably provide an easy transition to online learning for students as many of them have probably seen the show. This is well worth a bookmark for future ideas in the classroom.