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S I T E     R E V I E W
JUNE, 1997


The Natural Child Project

The Natural Child Project promotes "parenting and education that respects children". The site has articles and links to resources for children, parents, education and family.

Minimal use of graphics, high use of colors for aesthetics and organization. The site also uses spacing and borders to present a very clean, easy-to-read site.

The site uses frames so the menu is always on the left side of the page. The different sections of the table of contents are designated by different colors.

This site is set up for anyone interested in children and bettering their lives. Located here are articles from therapists on the benefits of treating children with respect, guest columns, review of a Site of the Month for particular topics such as parenting and mothering, and, a children's art gallery. The site also accepts questions for a parenting advice column. The education section features articles on a variety of aspects including homeschooling, culture and legislative issues. The site mainly uses columnists for its contents and most of its articles are opinion-based. However, the site does state that it is here to promote ideas for the benefit of children and if those responsible for nurturing children (teachers as well as parents) at least leave the site thinking about those ideas it has done its job.