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JUNE, 1997
Updated JUNE, 2007


A Multimedia History of Glacier Bay, Alaska

This sight has information on a NASA video on Glacier Bay, Alaska and includes a tour of the glacier. The video combines photos taken on location and computer images of the glaciers, some of which appear in the tour at the website.

Most images are thumbnail size but can be viewed as larger sized. The site uses video footage, photos, text and maps.

The main page has a menu bar that allows the user to easily jump directly to the movies, the story, the image galleries or the outside related links.

This website was created in conjunction with the distribution of a video from NASA on glaciers at Glacier Bay, Alaska. The video, which is free, has information from a NASA glaciologist about the formation of glaciers and climate change. Special effects created to help scientists explain their research have been used in the video. In addition to the created effects, the website tour and video include "fly-bys of scenic rides over 3-dimensional glaciers, live video footage of ice fronts calving into the sea, and dramatic picture sequences of historical and satellite data." With a combination of the online tour and the video this would be an excellent lesson plan for science and geography teachers; but the website itself has enough information and images to be beneficial on its own.