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JUNE, 1997


The Florida Aquarium

Information and resources on the Florida Aquarium and the creatures housed there. The sections include a photo gallery, FAQ and interactive games.

The background choice resembles clear water and gives the illusion of being at an aquarium. The site displays photos of the aquarium and its inhabitants.

The menu at the bottom of the page changes according to the user's location within the site. There is always a home button (be careful this returns to the sponsor's home page not the aquarium's home page) but additional buttons are added or removed to navigate back within a section or to another one.

While the site is meant as a promotion of the Florida Aquarium in Tampa Bay the information and images here could be used by residents and non-residents alike. The website is divided into an information section, photo section, interactive section and a play area. The information area contains facts about the attraction, including a floor plan and destination map, as well as a Frequently Asked Questions list from visitors to the aquarium. The photo gallery has some great pictures that could be used for reports or lessons on marine biology. The most educational section is the hands on area which has hands-on activities, experiments and lesson plans for grade levels, details on specific fish and creatures and a link to experts on the aquarium. This would be an excellent site for science, biology and marine biology students and teachers to use for research and fun in learning.