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S I T E     R E V I E W
JUNE, 1997


Central Europe Online

Online newspaper for central European countries including headlines, money, travel, individual country news and classified ads.

The main page is similar in appearance to a newspaper with a good use of spacing and graphics.

It is very easy to locate information and specific department news from the home page. Each article has navigation tools at the top, bottom and side of each page for easy browsing of the site.

Central Europe Online was created by The European Information Network, Inc. (EIN) (they also publish online news for Russia and China as well). This website covers the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Slovenia. Since its development in 1995 Central Europe Online has added local-press articles, original content, culture information and political background about each of the countries. Each department has additional sections of information such as feature stories, lodging, museums and train schedules in the Travel & Culture section and top news stories from several local news sources in the Local News section. In addition, the information on each country includes figures from the CIA World Fact Book as well as information on daily life, government addresses and politics. This site could easily become a daily check-in point for teachers and students to use for current events, geography, history or economics lessons; and, because of the amount of information, middle and high school as well as higher education classes could use this site.