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JUNE, 1996


Visible Human Project

The power of content here is the available images of the male and female human body.

The Home Page has a site logo, and the rest is well-formatted text and links to related resources.

Again, the Home Page connects the user with all necessary links, no complicated substructure here.

The Visible Human Project is a constantly in-progress development of the US National Library of Medicine. The current phase of the project is collecting transverse CT, MRI and cryosection images of representative male and female cadavers at one millimeter intervals. These are large, downloadable data sets, with only a sampling of the images online. However, there are links to Universities and a High School who have created web sites and applications for viewing these images, including Java Applets, animations, etc. The link to Smoky Hill High School's Visible Human Project I found especially easy to use. Nowhere in my wanderings, however, did I find detailed (or even minimal) explanations of what I was looking at. This is an incredible resource for any upper-level educator teaching anatomy.