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S I T E     R E V I E W
JUNE, 1996


Internet For Kids

Here's a site-full of internet ideas and projects for kids.

Each page has one medium-to-large graphic; good use of text formatting, but the site could use some more color or images to keep kids' interests.

This site "reads" like a book. At the bottom of each page is links to other "chapters".

This site is the companion guide to a book "Internet for Kids" by Sybex, but the site itself certainly stands well on its own. Its purpose is to give kids the knowledge and ideas so that they can go out on the internet and learn, interact, participate. This site promotes creativity as well... For example, one lesson begins, "Choose a topic about which you feel strongly". From science project ideas to finding a foreign pen pal, to connecting with "elders" to learn about historical events, this site is packed full of unique and interesting ideas for kids and the internet.