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JUNE, 1996


Global Schoolhouse

A great resource for teachers and students to integrate Discovery Channel programming into their curriculum.

Categories are well-defined, with "What's New" available at the top of the home page.

Organized with "Teacher 2 Teacher", "Teacher 2 Classroom" etc., this is a well thought out site.

The Global Schoolhouse is run by The Global SchoolNet Foundation, and sponsored by Microsoft. There are three areas of importance here: Links and pages regarding teachers, students and community; Schools on the Web (homepages of schools, they also offer free websites for schools); and, most importantly, an Internet Project Registry where users can keep abreast of (or submit) internet school projects across the globe. I found myself wandering off to other wonderful sites from this one, it has a wealth of sources for educators and students. Check out ThinkQuest, a contest for teachers and students to promote "Educational Tools for the Internet".