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JUNE, 1996


Discovery Channel School

A great resource for teachers and students to integrate Discovery Channel programming into their curriculum.

The graphics are large, but come up fairly quickly, and they guide you through the site with ease.

Thanks to the strong graphics, this site is organized very well, with a clear hierarchy of pages (and there's a lot of them!)

The Discovery Channel School is broken down into 5 areas: Video Vault, Spotlight, Learning Communities, Subject Area Managers, and Professional Support. The Video Vault guides the user through all the different programs that could be taped and incorporated into a curriculum. The most interesting area for me was the Learning Communities, which promotes student contests and dialogues with students of similar and/or different cultural backgrounds. It promotes and guides students to use listserves as a learning tool, and also allows room to showcase student work. I also found extensive curriculum development ideas which looks like a valuable resource for educators. I am impressed with the educational value of this site, both for teachers and students.