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S I T E     R E V I E W
May, 1999

GRADE LEVEL: Professional

At www4teachers you can find out more about how other teachers are using technology in their classrooms, get advice from technology experts, research technology based lesson plans, and more.

Interesting layout, few graphics.

Use the main menu to navigate the site. Links back to previous pages appear at the top of each page.

Here's a great site developed by South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium to help teachers stay in touch with new technology uses in the classroom. Be sure to check out Teacher Testimony, a section devoted to teachers' personal stories such as "Farms Around the World: Emu Week and the Emu Country Hoedown," about an elementary teacher's experiences with a farming unit. For advice from educational technology experts, check out KeyNotes for articles and Tech-Along for information and tutorials on specific technology applications. In the Kidspeak section you can find out what kids have to say about the ed tech programs they're involved in. Lesson plans can be found in Premier Tracks. Be sure to check out the archive of lesson plans too! The last section, Class Collectibles, features quality Web sites designed by teachers for teachers. A great site for teachers of all grade levels!