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May, 1999

Mariners' Museum - The Age of Exploration

The ability to sail the sea meant wealth and riches to our ancestors. At the "Mariners' Museum - The Age of Exploration" Web site students can learn about the history of seafaring peoples of the world. The site offers a brief history and timeline of events related to the Age of Exploration dating back into ancient times.

Nice layout and backgrounds with some excellent images from the museum's collections. The site is best explored from the main menu. Each page has links back to this menu, but not to any previous pages. It is often necessary to use the browser's back button.

Here is site that looks at history from a global perspective. Many historians consider the Age of Explores to include mostly European explorers of the 14th through the 18th centuries. The Maritime Museum begins its history with the explorations of ancient Egyptians and Polynesians in 2500-2700 BC. The site goes on to document the growth of seafaring exploration around the world, ending with the death of Captain Cook in Hawaii in 1779. Be sure to explore the links to the parent site found in the menu at the top of the intro page. Click on Marifacts for a list of historical maritime events for each month. Also be sure to check out the Education and Research link for a list of other curriculum guides available at the site. Currently, the site hosts a guide to the history of Chesapeake Bay. Bookmark it and keep checking back for more great stuff to come!