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BBC Schools Online

Looking for a little excitement? Then you simply must explore BBC Schools Online. You'll find a treasure trove of Web sites for Pre-K-12 students, teachers, and parents that will keep your classroom busy for weeks.

Each of the sites is full of rich graphics and Java applets guaranteed to enthrall young people.

Each site is unique. Overall, the sites are well designed and fairly high-tech, requiring advanced browsers with Shockwave and Java capabilities. From the main page, the site listings can be browsed by age group or subject.

If you have a sense of adventure, then you'll enjoy this great collection of sites created as a part the British Broadcasting Company's Education section. BBC Schools Online site hosts 27 different educational Web sites for K-12 students, teachers, and parents. Most of those sites have highly interactive content, first-rate graphics, and clear learning objectives. Teachers can find something for every grade level. One of my personal favorites is Spywatch, a takeoff on a BBC television program that takes a group of kids, sent to the country during the 1942 bombing of London, on a search for spys. This site, for second and third graders, engages kids in literacy activities that are so fun they won't even know they're learning. Other great sites include Medicine through the Ages -- a high school science history site, the Little Animals Activity Center for pre-K-3 students, and tons more! Beware, most of the sites are the kind that will make your students want to stay in for recess. Bookmark it!