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S I T E     R E V I E W
May, 1999

Art Safari

Want to go on an Art Safari? Here's the place to do it! The Museum of Modern Art invites kids to explore and create paintings and sculptures based on an animal theme.

The site showcases works from Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Henri Rousseau, Diego Rivera, as well as pieces by some talented visitors to the site.

The site features a comprehensive navigational sidebar on many of its pages. Most of the activity pages forgo the sidebar in favor of additional space for the good stuff. These pages have helpful links at the lower right side. RealAudio clips help guide students through the activities.

Come on! Adventure beckons at Art Safari. The site is set up for parents and children to use together, but is also excellent for use in the classroom. The main page will take you directly to the Look at Paintings and Sculptures section. Here you're given a choice between four different art pieces, each with an animal in it. Click on your favorite and begin the safari! A series of question will help you gather the information you will need to write a story about what you think is happening in the painting or sculpture. The story can then be submitted and viewed later. Now that you're thinking animals, check out Make Your Own Art. Here you'll find some great online painting projects and really fun (and only a little messy) sculpture projects that are sure to be a hit! When you're done, submit your artwork to the site. Each month, selected stories and art are chosen to go up on the main site to share with everyone. Great site!