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S I T E     R E V I E W
May, 1998

Windows to the Universe

The site provides information and resources on Earth and space sciences, in a fun way.

Users can select either an unframed or a framed version of the site. The site uses a black background; some of its graphics are dark. The site can be difficult to view for long periods of time. Site visitors can use the Preferences link to change the multimedia options.

Visitors can choose to enter the site at a level based on their interest. The default is the intermediate level. Most pages have an extensive navigation menu at the bottom. Some sections do not allow users to navigate without the browser's back button.

The Windows to the Universe Web site offers information and graphics about Earth and space sciences. Users will find scientific, artistic, historical, and cultural information. Users can get an overview of the site by visiting the 3D model (called "The Museum"), which illustrates the material at the site. Viewers can also read the table of contents. The content of the site can be viewed at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. Users can choose among ten different subject areas or go straight to information on the planets. The site can also be viewed through the online "Tour." This format controls the use of hyperlinks so users follow the pattern of information without distraction. This project is funded by NASA, and includes kid and teacher sections, each with their own resources and activities. The site includes a large number of images, movies, and animations. This is a terrific site for science teachers and elementary teachers to use for science lessons and online interactive activities.