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S I T E     R E V I E W
May, 1998

Roll Call Online

This is the Web site for Roll Call, the newspaper for Capitol Hill.

The pages have graphics in the header. The home page uses a large image map. Most of the pages are presented as paragraphs of text or bulleted lists.

Each page has the same colored navigation menu at the bottom. The header at the top of a section page corresponds to a color on the menu. Users always know which section they are viewing. The menu allows users to move to any section of the site.

Roll Call has been the newspaper of Capitol Hill since 1955. The Web site was created to present online news and information about Congress. The paper's focus and major audience is the U.S. Congress. The site provides "insider" information on Congressional elections, news stories, commentaries, and policy analyses. The "Hill Directory" lets users locate their Congress member by zip code, alphabetically, or by state. Information on House and Senate Committees is available from the site. The Web site even includes classified ads, with employment opportunities, real estate, and a political professional directory. The site is still under construction and will eventually include tourist information and an insider's view of how Congress works. Teachers and students should check out the online quiz and contests. This is a great site for political science or history educators to use in class. Other teachers could use information from here to round out lesson plans or to create online activities.