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S I T E     R E V I E W
May, 1998

Peregrine Publishers, Inc.

Peregrine Publishers, Inc.'s Web site provides access to its membership-based, interactive educational sections: The Biology Place, The Chemistry Place, The Psychology Place and LabBench.

The color scheme is subtle. The site uses minimal graphics. Text varies according to layout.

Each section of the site is a complete unit. The options and menus change slightly to conform to the needs of a section. Viewers can use the navigation menu at the top of each page to get around the site.

Peregrine Publishers, Inc.(PPI)'s mission is to "work in partnership with leading educators to create innovative teaching and learning materials for the higher education and secondary science curricula." Their Web site provides access to several showcase sections -- The Biology Place, The Chemistry Place, The Psychology Place, and LabBench. Access is limited to members, but memberships for secondary and higher education students and educators can be purchased online for a fairly low price. Educators and students can set up a free trial membership. The goals for each section of the site are for users to gain an understanding of key principles and processes in an interactive environment; investigate the latest research developments; and share ideas "with a community of educators and students." Users will have access to other science resources on the Web. This site is a good resource for teachers. Use the free trial membership and give it a try!