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S I T E     R E V I E W
May, 1998

Country Studies

An online series from the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress. The political, economic, social, and national security systems of each country are detailed.

The site uses outlines and lists to display information and links. Most of the site is text, but some photographs, maps, and charts have been inserted.

Much of the information for each country is available by scrolling down the page. The home page lists all of the countries studied. Navigation between sections can be done with the browser's back button.

The Country Studies Web site comes from the Department of the Army's Country Studies/Area Handbooks, which supplies information for Army members travelling overseas. Information is prepared by a team of social scientists. The material contained in each "book" covers just about every aspect of a country. The studies focus on the people of the country -- their beliefs and values, and their common, and divisive, interests. Users can search the site for information; to compare social, political, and economic aspects; or to study the culture of each country. The sheer amount of information here makes it worth marking and using for research. History, political science, current events, geography, and cultural studies educators, and teachers in secondary and higher education settings, should enjoy the site.