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S I T E     R E V I E W
MAY, 1997


Students Can Learn on Their Own

This site provides resources, support and ideas to help teachers to allow and encourage students to work more independently.

The structure of the site demands a lot of text but passages are kept to a practical length.

The main page is divided into three sections with easy access to each. Each article has a link at the bottom of the page back to the main site.

The author of this site believes teachers and students could use some help and has created this website offering some. The idea behind the site is when students can work more independently their teachers can do their job more efficiently and the students will ultimately learn more. To accomplish that goal this site supplies tips, suggestions and resources on independent study practices. The website is divided into three sections. The first one has articles on how teachers can best manage students' independent work. The second section provides lists of available independent-learning materials for K-12 and section three is a list of the publishers for those materials. This site has a good basic structure and the information offered, while limited, is useful. Teachers, parents and even students looking for a new approach to school and studying should look here. While there, the author is looking for input and experiences users have with independent study. It would make an excellent addition to the site.