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S I T E     R E V I E W
MAY, 1997


K-12 Resources for Music Educators

The title pretty much says it all, this site has links for every kind of K-12 music educator.

The homepage uses a very appropriate background of music sheets and subsequent pages use a single color background, minimal graphics and lists of links.

Getting around the site is simple, each page has a link to the other sections somewhere on the page.

The most interesting aspect of this site is that is contains resources for students and educators of every type of music and grade level. The site provides information for band teachers, orchestra teachers, vocal/choral teachers and classroom music teachers along with general resources for all music educators such as MENC Job Center Postings of current music position openings and the National Coalition for Music Education. The site also hosts musical creations from students. Also included are links to biographies, works and even a picture gallery of the great composers (great for reports and lesson plans) and additional music sites to more non-traditional classroom music such as jazz, popular and rock, as well as links to websites with their own collections of music education sites. As if that weren't enough there is also information on MIDI, newsgroups and commercial music. If you're a music teacher or student you must look this over. If you just love music you'll enjoy this site as well.