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MAY, 1997


EF Educational Tours

An educational tour company that specializes in packages for educators and students to benefit the study of other cultures.

This website uses a very "clean" design with small, light colored graphics and different colored backgrounds for each section. Each area follows the same pattern making them easy to read.

Using a color coding system makes finding a particular section very simple. Each page has the same well-marked navigational bar at the top for easy maneuvering around the site.

Though mostly a showcase for their product this site has been designed in such a way as to really allow the user to "experience" educational travel, if only virtually. Through their online catalog, browsers can make a virtual visit to Britain, France, The Mediterranean, Spain & Portugal, Las Americas, Germany & Scandinavia and more. Users can also check out the metro map or weather in any destination around the world! In addition, the same type of online catalog system is set up for cities around America including, Washington D.C., Boston and New York City. Also, EF Educational Tours offers a scholarship which provides a free educational tour of Europe and can also customize tours for specific disciplines. The website also includes online cultural information in the Culture Cafe section including monetary exchange, foreign language vocabulary and more. There is also information for teachers and educators only in the Teachers' Lounge. This section requires a password from EF Tours and covers information on benefits for Teachers and Group Leaders as well as a Group Leaders guide to planning and preparing a trip. Finally, the site does have pricing and detailed information on its tours. It's definitely necessary for any education group planning a trip but also has resources for travellers in general.