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MAY, 1997


Education Writer's Association

The Education Writers Association is the national professional organization of education reporters, writers and editors.

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The Education Writers Association's membership includes reporters from print and broadcast media and school public information officers, as well as professionals from research centers, universities and public policy groups. EWA was founded in 1947 by a group of newspaper reporters whose goal was to improve education reporting to the public and today the group continues that by using modern technology and a website. The association offers its members an annual seminar and regional workshops, an exclusive mailing list, guidebooks, a bimonthly newsletter, source lists, backgrounders and other publications. This organization is a great place for anyone responsible for presenting education issues to the public and concerned with how that information is reported. Besides the active and associate memberships for education reporting professionals, there is also a foundation membership for any individual or organization interested in supporting the effort. This site also includes studies, publications, government resources, organizations and search engine resources for education reporters and others as well. While the site does not provide an abundance of extraneous information it does serve as an excellent opportunity for concerned education information specialists to contact one another and work together to maintain a high standard of reporting. It is well worth looking into.