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MAY, 1997


American School Directory

This site has a lot of information, for each of America's 106,000 K-12 schools.

The site uses a watermark-type background of its logo, some of the text passages use small fonts but are legible.

The left hand menu bar moves through the site easily, the directory itself is self-explanatory. The results from the search are easy to read and locate.

If you are looking for information - any information - on a school - any school in America - you'll probably find it here. This site invites users who are moving and want to research potential schools for their children, travellers looking for directions to an out-of-town event, parents looking for a fax number, teachers seeking classroom tools and students wanting to know when spring break begins, to visit the site. There are answers for them all here. For over 100,000 schools in America the American School Directory has the number of students, homerooms and grades, phone and fax numbers, url's, school calendars and administration data. A browser can find the information by school type (Catholic, private, public or all), city, county, state and/or zip code and the results are shown alphabetically by school name in a table format showing an American School Directory number along with the other categories used in the search form. An alphabetical index is also at the top to help navigate though the results. Once the user chooses a school their ASD webpage appears with information about the school, news, calendars, sports schedules, menus, clubs, organizations and more. The site even has a map of the area near the school. This site is a great collection of school information and must be bookmarked as a reference resource for a variety topics and users. Everyone should look this over when they get a chance.