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S I T E     R E V I E W
MAY, 1996


MidLink Magazine

This is a wealth of knowledge, interactive projects, links and other 'cool stuff' for middles school kids.

With bright, bold children's graphics, it'll draw kids in to explore. It is a bit graphics intensive, however.

The large text makes it easy (even for kids) to explore these wandering, color-coded pages.

This is your elementary and middle school student's interactive link to projects worldwide by and for other children. Find out about deserts from a middle school in Israel, see how other kids "Designed an Alien", submit a question to the BALDRIDGE, a research vessel at sea and answering students' questions for the '95 - '96 school year. Or submit your cultural heritage stories (or read about others). Learn about a miraid of projects other schools are doing, or send in information about what yours is doing. Book links (send in reviews!), web links, writing links and submittals, it seems endless. An incredible concept that deserves great accolades. Every student can and should be part of this.