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S I T E     R E V I E W
MAY, 1996


The Kennedy Center's ARTSEDGE

This site provides a unique opportunity for teachers to share plans, learn about education news in the US, follow links to other internet resources...

Each of the 6 main pages has a large graphic, but loads fairly quickly. The 3rd tier of pages, however, breaks from the graphic "tradition" of the site, and throws the user off (slightly).

From the Home Page, the user picks one of 5 categories, and each of those are broken down into subject areas. Once the user has surfed the site for 10 minutes or so, they'll have a good understanding of the site.

The fun, colorful, and artistic graphics makes the user want to explore this site. It offers 5 categories: NewsBreak, Community Center, Web Spotlight, Search Lab, and Curriculum Studio. NewsBreak will keep you up-to-date with the happenings related to arts education in the US, and the Community Center has a wonderful resource for Job Openings, as well as a bulletin board posting center. But the Curriculum Studio, what a great resource for teachers. Posted here are 30+ lesson plans posted by other teachers. Or, you can submit a request for a lesson plan, or join curriculum connect to collaborate with other teachers. Web Spotlight and Search Lab point to some great arts resources on the internet.