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S I T E     R E V I E W
MAY, 1996


The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

This site is amazing! From one source, students and teachers alike can fine any work of Shakespeare they like.

No fancy graphics here, but it's definitely not needed. One nice image of Shakespeare himself is the extent of the graphics here.

From the main page, everything you need is accessible, broken down into easy-to-follow categories.

The Complete works of William Shakespeare is not a ftp:/ or gopher:/ site, it's a true HTML coded one. From the Home Page, choose from the categories "Comedy, History, Tragedy, or Poetry", and find the play, act, scene, and even glossary of terms, of the Shakespeare piece you are looking for. Or, there's a Shakespeare discussion area where you can post messages, a searchable database, and a link farm to other Shakespeare resources on the internet. Truly an outstanding resource for English teachers and students.