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S I T E     R E V I E W
April, 1999

Waterford Press

The Waterford Press Web site is full of materials designed to complement the K-12 natural science curriculum. The site includes a large section of high-quality free games, activities, and quizzes that can be downloaded and printed easily.

The graphics are what make these teaching material so outstanding. The site is very pleasing to the eye.

The large number of graphics can make this site slow to load for modem users. Each page has a set of navigational links at the bottom.

Waterford Press has put together an excellent collection of natural science teaching materials. Teachers will love this site. The free materials are divided into two sections: Games, and Activities & Quizzes. Each of these sections has lots of great stuff. Printing is a little tricky; it requires the user to copy and paste an image of the page into a word processing program and print it from there. I had to save the image to disk before I could paste it, and then I had to adjust the margins; but it worked beautifully and the printed page is free of all the extra headers and footers you would get printing directly from the browser. Most of the material in the free section is probably best for grades 1-8, although some of the quizzes might be suitable for high school. The site also features a number of products for sale at reasonable prices. Those products include books featuring the free materials in printed form and a number of excellent folding field guides suitable for upper elementary grades through high school. The materials at Waterford Press are meant to complement a curriculum and do not provide any texts to go along with them. Bookmark this site!