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April, 1999
Updated JUNE, 2007

FHS Precalculus Study Page

The FHS Precalculus Study Page is a tool to help students better understand the basic math concepts needed to succeed in a college calculus course. The site includes a set of review sections with online quizzes and sample tests. You'll also find a message board and puzzles section.

Some nice backgrounds, and lots of math "graph"-ics. The site is set up to be viewed in 600 x 800 resolution.

This site automatically opens a second navigational window with links to all the main sections of the site. The main page also has a navigational menu, and most of the pages have links back to it at the bottom.

This is great for brushing up on higher-level math skills. The site offers a number of features to help users understand the subject. As each section moves through a series of basic concepts, the user has the option to move on or go back over previous material in the section. Quizzes and sample tests at the end of each section help the user see their progress. The site does not offer practice problems and therefore may be best used as a supplement along with other resources. The webmaster is willing to answer users' questions on the message board or to give advice on where to find the answers. Be sure to check out the puzzle section and twist your brain around some of the challenges.