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April, 1999

American Sign Language

Ever want to learn American Sign Language? Then check out this page. Here you'll find an ASL Fingerspelling Dictionary with cool animated hands! Not only that, there's also an ASL Fingerspelling Converter where you can type a word that is then converted into sign language. You can also quiz yourself!

The animated hands are photographic images that are easy to imitate. The rich black background is very appealing on this site.

The main page has a comprehensive guide to the site. Each of the other pages has helpful navigational links at the bottom.

Here is an excellent tool for learning the American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet. The site is easy to navigate and can be used with younger children who are still learning to spell and is well enough put together that even teenagers and adults will enjoy its features. After studying the alphabet page, students can use the converter page to "ask" the animated hands to translate their words into ASL fingerspellings. Later, on the quiz page, the animated hands ask the student to translate fingerspellings back into words. Simple, efficient and fun. Those lucky enough to have access to a Mac can actually download the program for use offline. The downloadable version also comes with a speed control that allows the user to adjust it to different skill levels. A great resource!