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April, 1999

Amateur Sports

Amateur-sports.com offers free listings for non-profit sports organizations and school sports teams. That's not all! Check out the site's Health and Fitness Program for some great health and exercise advice.

Lots of great backgrounds, images, and other "sporty" graphics. The site sometimes feels a little cluttered.

The site is well organized, with a navigational frame at the top listing the major areas. The Health and Fitness area has a site map at the bottom of each page.

This is a great site for amateur sports enthusiasts, and the place to go to find out about what's happening with your favorite sport! The site hosts a huge collection of Web pages for amateur sports teams and clubs all over the world. Soon many of the main listings pages will also include tips, a history of the sport, and team photos. The Health and Fitness section is comprehensive and well organized, and could be useful to explore in health class. The area covers Sports & Exercise, Nutrition, and "Putting It All Together". P.E. and health teachers should definitely bookmark this site. Coaches, take advantage of the free Web space and put up a page for your team!