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April, 1998

USGenWeb Project
GRADE LEVEL: 9-12 & Professionals

The USGenWeb Project consists of volunteers dedicated to providing Internet resources for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States, free of charge.

The site uses tables to display the information on most pages but does offer text versions. The color scheme and background are light and clean.

This Web site provides links to all the state Web sites in the project. Those pages list links to the county information. The main page lists national special projects. Users can navigate the site via the menu at the bottom of most pages. Outside pages in the project each have links back to the project's main page.

The USGenWeb Project coordinates volunteers throughout America to provide Internet Web sites for genealogical research for every county and state in the United States. The Project is non-commercial and free to users. The site offers a starting point to more specific information. The main focus of the site is the county level information, but the state Web sites include resources such as family reunion bulletin boards, state histories, and maps showing the changing county boundaries. Many states also have ongoing projects. Although the Project is designed to be organized by state and county, some data overlaps state and county lines. That information is compiled in special national projects, which users can view at the site. The WorldGenWeb Project is currently working on placing genealogical information for every country in the world, and every region within each country, online. Access to this information is available at the site. Teachers can use this site as a resource for part of a lesson on genealogy or as a gateway to discussions of heritage, emigration and immigration. This is a very well-defined and -organized site.