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S I T E     R E V I E W
April, 1998
Updated JUNE, 2007



This Web site explains principles of aeronautics for K-8 students.


The main section pages combine graphics and text in a circular format. Each subsection displays its links as a book's table of contents. Each part of the site follows the same layout.


The site uses liberal spacing, which makes links very easy to locate. The graphic menu at the bottom of most pages allows users to return to select another reading level, to return to the text menu of the current chapter, to return to the home page of the entire site, or to view lesson plans.


This Web site offers a lot of information. The home page can appear somewhat overwhelming but the organization at the site allows users to find their section of interest easily. Viewers can select a beginner, intermediate, or advanced reading level version of the online textbook. Each contains principles of aeronautics. The site also offers educators, scientists, and engineers their own guides. Viewers can select lesson plans by theme, view activities that accompany the lessons, or browse an archive of curriculum exercises that covers topics outside science. Users can learn about projects from NASA through multimedia articles. The site is also available in Spanish. This is a great place for students of aeronautics and general science. Educators will like the completeness of the lessons at the site.