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S I T E     R E V I E W
April, 1998

Chem 4 Kids!

This Web site simplifies chemistry for younger students and others wishing to learn more about the subject matter.

Large font, large spaces, and cartoon graphics all make the site interesting for younger viewers.

The buttons at the top of the page allow users to move around within a section. The buttons at the bottom of the page are for navigating from one section to another. The site includes a site map and a guided tour for extra help in navigating the site.

The Chem4Kids site currently includes information on matter, atoms, elements, math, and reactions. There is a "Miscellaneous" site that contains information that doesn't fit into the other categories. Users can find a chemistry quiz. Viewers can use the search engine at the site to locate specific information. The newest section, "MATH," explains how math is used in chemistry. Students will find the information very useful in strengthening their chemistry knowledge, or for teaching them something new. This is an excellent site for chemistry teachers to use when creating lessons or class projects.