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S I T E     R E V I E W
APRIL, 1997


Weekly Reader Galaxy

This site basis its information on the Weekly Reader magazine and uses the articles as starting points for further classroom discussions. The website has topics for discussion as well as activities, games, advice and problems categorized by grade level (from PreK to 10).

Very colorful and graphic-oriented, well-designed for students.

This site is divided into grade level and topics. Most sections have their own graphic link button. A site map is available to help navigate through the site.

This site is a great base for students, parents and teachers to use as a starting point for discussions in classes, at home or with each other. The magazine, Weekly Reader uses the articles from its magazine editions to provide information and resources for a variety of topics. Users choose a grade level and gain access to stories, links, activities, games and polls. Past articles from the magazine are updated with current additional news items. Another big section has information for parents titled "Advice to Parents" which contains articles written by experts that are broken out by grade level so parents can easily find appropriate articles. Although the site seems to cater to a diverse group of interests it does cover them all fairly well and students, parents and teachers should be able to find what they need here.