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APRIL, 1997
Updated JUNE, 2007


Voice of the Shuttle
(Web Page for Humanities Research)



This site is a collection of categories leading to links and resources for humanities topics from anthropology to women's studies.


Somewhat earthy feel through colors and graphics. Long columns of links.


Each category section has its own page and a really nice feature is a highlight link which provides a description of each category and lists some of the more interesting links there.


A paragraph on the website states that this page is "set up as a cross-weave of interior hyperlinks" and is designed "to provide an interlinear commentary--a commentary with no voice other than the pattern of the links themselves." Basically, the site provides as many links as possible to a wide range of humanities issues and categories. Browsers can use this site as a starting point for finding just about anything relating to humanities as well as reference materials, publishers, information for children and Teaching Resources including technology, learning centers, curriculums and journals. An excellent resource for humanities teachers and students of all sorts including photography, dance, politics literature and history. The broadness of the site may sound overwhelming but the information is well-sorted and easy to access. A definite page to save for liberal arts teachers and students.