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APRIL, 1997


Tutor 2000

This website allows students (or anyone) in need of a tutor for a variety of subjects to locate and contact one. People interested in providing tutoring services can also sign up here.

Very basic site, no graphics, text layout with forms for submitting information and searching.

Finding a tutor is very simple as is completing the form for becoming a tutor. Navigating the site is a little difficult because of the frames with a static menu.

Need help? You've come to the right place. This site has detailed information on finding a tutor and for becoming one. There are no fees for searching and retrieving the information nor for listing yourself as a tutor. Subjects covered include elementary basic study skills, English as a second language, learning disabilities, social studies and writing; secondary/college level accounting, business, computer, economics, engineering, finance, statistics and technical writing as well as computer studies, foreign languages, French and Spanish speaking tutors, home study, math, music and science for both elementary and secondary/college levels. In addition, tutors are also available for SAT, College Entrance, LSATs, GMATs, GRE's, etc. preparation. Viewers can search for a tutor by location and subject and then follow through on their own by contacting the tutors listed. The newest addition to the site is a chat room where tutors and students can come to interact online. This site is growing and could be a major resource for help.