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May 2002

Project Appleseed
Get parents involved in school improvement.
GRADE LEVEL: Parents, Teachers


The award-winning Project Appleseed program focuses on parental involvement as a means for improving public schools. It provides parents with the information and resources necessary to become committed to school improvement.
The site is mostly text, set in frames, with few graphics. Colored text and adequate spacing are used to break up the passages.
There is a text menu in the upper left corner of the page for navigating the site. Links are displayed in the main frame, and the Appleseed Today newsletter is displayed in the left frame.
Project Appleseed is a nonprofit national campaign for public school improvement. Its mission is "to organize five million parents to participate in the improvement of America's 16,000 public school districts each year." Parent organizations and schools can order a complete plan, The Parental Involvement Toolbox, for mobilizing parents to volunteer in the schools. Included in the toolbox are a parental involvement pledge, a ten-step recruitment plan, and a parental involvement checklist and report card. In the program, parents are asked to sign a pledge taking personal responsibility for their children's education and pledge to volunteer ten hours each year in their local public schools. Visitors to the site will also find guidelines for organizing a parental involvement day, current education news and a comprehensive list of links to educational reform sites.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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