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APRIL, 1997


Chemical Elements.com
(Formerly The Periodic Table of Elements on the Internet)

Symbol, atomic number, mass, melting point, boiling point, number of protons, electrons and neutrons, classification, crystal structure, color, structure of atom, Bohr Model, half lives, date of discovery, discoverer, name origin, uses and how obtained information for each of the elements in the Periodic Table.

Good use of color to differentiate parts of the periodic table. Spacing allows the viewer to see the entire table as well as options available.

The website offers multiple access to the information -- selecting an element from the actual periodic table, a chart for selecting by property as well as links to choose an element by its atomic number, name, chemical symbol or date of discovery.

This page was created as an 8th grade science fair project (won first place in the "Computer Science/Mathematics" category) and is constantly updated by its creator as he moves up in school. The site includes sections on the history behind the web page, the creation of the table itself and plans for the future of the site. The webpage has some great features that make it worth saving, including a remote window with a smaller version of just the table for students or teachers to minimize and call up when needed. Another interesting function at the site is the ability for the user to reconfigure the Table. It can be adjusted to show just the symbol but can also include discovery dates, boiling/melting points, mass or electron configuration. This is certainly a site to mark and revisit. Chemistry teachers probably already know about it and those that don't should. It would be an excellent tool for integrating the internet into a chemistry class and students studying the elements should definitely not miss this one.