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APRIL, 1997


OCEAN -- Organization for Cultural Exchange Among Nations


Organization for Cultural Exchange Among Nations (OCEAN) is a non-profit organization which sponsors international exchange students.


Simple table format, links to paragraphs of text on each particular topic. Use of photos of participants adds a nice touch and gives more dimension to the overall site.


The left menu is on each page and allows the viewer to move around quickly. The bottom of the page has links to view the information in another language and each of those pages has a link back to the main page at the top.


OCEAN provides international exchange students with opportunities to gain experience and knowledge academically and culturally. The agency both places high school students from other countries in American host communities and also offers American high school students the chance to study in countries around the world. This website has background information on the organization, criteria for both student and host family selection, information on the countries participating, financial assistance and other sites related to the cultural exchange practice. One section particularly worth checking out is the bimonthly newsletter online. It contains articles on geographical locations, recipes and cultural issues. This website is definitely for anyone interested in becoming or hosting an exchange student but could also be used by cultural studies teachers looking for some classroom materials.