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S I T E     R E V I E W
APRIL, 1997


Jason Project

Areas of the website include: an Expedition Journal, a Student section that allows JASON students to contact one another, a Teachers' Guide with curriculum tips and online projects as well as a section on organizations and schools involved with JASON.

Uses graphical text to differentiate sections, background and menu colors are consistent and separate.

Menu bar at the bottom of each page for navigation of sections, menu bar at left on each page for additional information.

The JASON Project was founded by Dr. Robert D. Ballard after he had discovered the RMS Titanic because of the response he had received from children about his discovery. The site was setup as an educational program to allow teachers and students to take part in global explorations . The project emphasizes an advanced approach to teaching and learning in which teachers become "facilitators" or "managers" of the learning process for their students. The JASON Project uses multiple program components to help teachers to understand and connect with the National Education Goals, including distance learning technologies, innovative curricula, online systems, community based partnerships and teacher professional development programs. Students should tell their teachers, teachers should tell the administration and everyone should check this site out to see if it could work for their school.