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APRIL, 1997
Updated JUNE, 2007


CoVis - Learning Through Collaborative Visualization Project

This is the web site of the Learning Through Collaborative Visualization Project (CoVis). This is a cooperative program involving students, teachers and researchers to find new ways to learn and teach science in schools.

While the main page has minimal graphics and variety, the geosciences section and related pages are more colorful and less uniform.

Each section is somewhat separate from the rest but users can always find a link to the home page of a section.

Some of the CoVis Project's Guiding Principles are "Learn science by doing science" and " Invite and nurture open-ended questions". The Project wants to make sure that students are interested in learning science by getting teachers, students and researchers to work together toward that goal. The Website contains links to special pages for teachers including resources for designing projects, data tools, the mentor database and outside links to geosciences resources, in addition to providing an area for students to use. There are also technical support pages for downloading and installing CoVis software and information on the CoVis Project itself. The Teachers' Lounge section lets teachers make custom web pages and subscribe to related mailing lists. The Mentor Database lets teachers find mentors to work with their students on projects. Additionally, there is a a newsletter and feedback form so all participants in the project can stay informed and in touch with one another. The website also lets members participate in a "MOO" to engage in professional development activities in "real time". An excellent site for science teachers and administrators to look for some new concepts.